Cattle Egret, Justin Biebgret


Symbolically adopt our Cattle Egret, Justin Biebgret!

What Do You Mean, you've never noticed Justin?  One look at those adorable facial feathers will make U Smile! He loves foraging for his food--his Yummy favorite treat is fish!  He could spend 10,000 hours just relaxing on the ropes in his enclosure.  Justin Biebgret would love for you to adopt him--Forever!

Cattle egrets have a large range, and can be found on every continent except Antarctica.  They are found in open, grassy areas such as pastures, meadows, marshes, and swamps.  They get their name for their habit of wandering alongside herds of cattle.  They are well-liked by the cattle ranchers because they control cattle parasites such as ticks and flies.  Cattle egrets are listed as Least Concern on the IUCN red list with an increasing population.

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$35 Adoption

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