North America Porcupines, Juniper & Jibali


Symbolically adopt our North American Porcupines, Juniper & Jibali!

We just bristle over how cute our porcupines are!  Our friendly couple were hand reared here and love to interact with their keepers, while snacking on their favorite peanuts and bamboo.  They are important ambassadors for their species, as members of the Species Survival Plan.  They have had four offspring that have grown up and gone on to other zoos to also be part of the program!

North America porcupines have over 30,000 quills that grow and shed like hair.  Contrary to popular belief, they cannot shoot their quills.  If threatened, they will back in to a predator and stick them with the barbed ends.  They also use the quills on their tails as a spike to help them climb trees.   They have one of the largest and most varied geographic ranges of any North American mammal. 

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